CYCJET --- 15-летний опыт исследований и разработок в области струйного кодирования и разработки; Оборудование для лазерной маркировки в Шанхае, Китай.

Струйный принтер CYCJET BW3020

* Specially for pigment inks (white, yellow).”
* Editing long messages, better meet the production needs of customers;
* Graphics can be edited by computer directly; Message, graphics, fonts can be imported or exported via USB
* Large memory capacity, printing long messages, huge amount of information to store, endless expandable memory via USB.

Printing Lines:


1–5 lines Font Type: 5*5, 5*7, 7*9, 12*16, 18*24, 12*12, 16*16, 16*32
Printing Speed: 5*5 dot fonts, speed up to 345m/min Software Function: Date and time, serial number, repeat print, shift print
Nozzle System: Nozzle automatic cleaning, stable running long time Printhead: Special nozzle design, continuous high-speed print
Ink System: Simple drawer intelligent ink system, stably running Electrical System: Integrated motherboard, reducing electrical fault
Print Mode: Sensor printing, continue printing Display: High resolution display and self-designed graphical user interface
Refill system: Ink refill system, refill and running at same time Software System: Independent R&D operating system, reducing the instability